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What is The Jackbord Education System?

Defining JackBord

JackBord is an educational system that breaks down the barriers to teaching and learning.

Users can create their own toys, games and projects to unravel the mysteries of science, develop technical and engineering skills, learn about electronics and coding, and construct their own robots!
The possibilities for learning are endless.


Jack has always had a passion for experimentation and sharing knowledge. Driven by wanting to create a fun and robust tool that encourages students from all backgrounds and minorities to engage more with technology and science.

Originally the JackBord Trust was the vehicle for development of the JackBord but it was apparent that to achieve sustainable growth a trading company would have to be established. Thus JackBord Works Limited was created. The JackBord Trust is the majority shareholder. As can be seen from the past and proposed timeline JackBord Works has international aspirations. 

We expect the Trust will have plenty of work to do domestically before we investigate if we can address STEM requirements off shore.

The JackBord Timeline

Does it fit the Curriculum?

JackBord covers most of the principles and competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum!

With Jackbord as their learning companion in formative years, learners will have developed a solid understanding of STEM - 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Flick through this slide to learn a little more about what JackBord can do across the following subjects -

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Electronics, Coding, Robotics, Construction, and Literacy.

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